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Almost regularly whenever I get involved in the project management related initiatives at any given company, the issue of proper requirements engineering (scope management) deficiencies is encountered as well.

This is not very surprising to an experienced project manager, since according to studies scope issues account for a hefty percentage (37%) of all the project problems:

  • Lack of user involvement – 19%
  • Lack of clear statement of requirements – 15%
  • Lack of clear vision and objectives – 3%

Consequently Thinktank Consulting added

to its portfolio.

As in the case with project management engagements, Thinktank Consulting’s first encounter with project scope management happens when running or troubleshooting projects at various companies. Once the lack of proper requirements elicitation and analysis is identified on a project, I usually take on a role of a requirements analyst to gather, assess and document the project requirements in the Requirements Specifications document.

Almost invariably the company management sees the benefits of such approach and requests Thinktank Consulting to develop a customized requirements engineering methodology and deploy it at the rest of the organization. Once more we engage the employees of the company in order to unite the best practices of project scope management and the organization’s own realities. The deliverables, as a rule, include the requirements engineering processes integrated into the overall project management flow as well as the Requirements Specifications template fine-tuned to the needs of the company.

Finally the second component of our portfolio of requirements services is the “Project Scope Management Masterclass” that is designed to train both the project team members and the external company stakeholders in requirements gathering, analysis and documentation.

Please explore the “Project Management Experts” section of the website. Take a look at the Requirements Engineering Methodology and Customized Project Scope Management Training pages. Also, explore the following scope management related case studies to learn more about our experiences from around the world:

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