Requirements Engineering Methodology

Our Approach

Thinktank Consulting’s tactic to the requirements engineering methodology implementation is very similar to our approach to the project management deployment and is guided by the following principles:

Principle # 1: Customize Methodology - Never try to impose an "off-the-shelf" requirements engineering (scope management) methodology onto any organization. Instead use the best practices of requirements engineering in order to tailor them to the specific company needs. Keep in mind that industry-specific differences will be way more prominent in the requirements domain than they are in the project management field.

Principle # 2: Champion Simplicity - Initially try to concentrate on the simplest forms of the methodology. If processes and documents become too complicated people will find creative ways to ignore them!

Principle # 3: Always Involve Company Employees – Feedback from the organization’s employees is essential. It is impossible for an outsider to be aware of all the internal and external constraints affecting the requirements processes at the company.

Principle # 4: Educate Stakeholders – implement several requirements workshops in order to familiarize all the company employees with the challenges and the best practices of requirements engineering.

Principle # 5: Train Project Managers - If the company is unable to hire designated requirements experts, at least provide your project managers with an in-depth advanced requirements engineering training.

Principle # 6: Communicate – Educate your employees about the new requirements engineering methodology, its benefits and how it fits into the overall project management processes. Use lunch-and-learns, Intranet and other resources.

Principle # 7 - Hire a Professional – Do not assume that the requirements engineering (project scope management) methodology implementation can be done by the internal inexperienced resources. This is a very complicated process that is affected by such factors as company culture, the nature of the business it is in and a multitude of internal and eternal constraints.

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